EHS Award

Want to recognize someone having a significant impact in your organization – nominate them.

Kevin Banks of NuSil Technology Receives Recognition

Jon Hall (Chapter President), Kevin Banks, Albert Lopez (Awards & Honors Chair)

Jim Elmore of Aera Energy Receives Recognition

Jon Hall (Chapter President), Jim Elmore, Albert Lopez (Awards & Honors Chair)

Tina Harmon-Carmona with Aera Energy LLC Receives
Bakersfield Chapter Safety Employee Award at August Chapter Meeting

Left to right, Michael Garcia,Tina Harmon-Carmona, Daniel Bustos (Awards & Honors Chair)

Kay Coodey with Aera Energy Receives Recognition from Bakersfield Chapter of ASSE

Kay received recognition from the Bakersfield Chapter of ASSE at the 3/1/17 monthly chapter meeting.

Kay and her manager Joanne Christensen were treated to a free breakfast at Hodels!

During the Awards and Honors report, the description of Kay’s contribution to safety, over and above her regular duties was read to the audience and Kay received the attached certificate from Michael Garcia, Chapter President Elect.

Kay also received a $50 cash award from the chapter as the final part of the process.

Successful Completion of Safety Credential Testing

Bakersfield ASSE Safety Recognition – Nathan Hutton

Bakersfield ASSE Safety Award – Frank Saltio

ASSE Safety Award – Joseph Simmons

Safe Employee Award

The Bakersfield chapter of ASSE awards employees who make a difference in safety.

Debra Swen Receives the Safe Employee Award


Debra Swen receiving the Safe Employee Award at the March 5, 2014 chapter meeting from Chris Vochoska. Debra is with Aera Energy LLC. Her Manager, Stan Gomes is pictured on the right.

As an administrative assistant to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Aera Energy LLC, Debra had a significant impact on safety by becoming a 40 hour medical trained first responder,
a certified Smith System Driving Instructor and a certified Safety In Motion (SIM) instructor.

She volunteered her skill in each of these capacities, even though it was not required as part of her (non-EHS) role in the organization.

Randy’s Trucking Employees Receive Safety Awards

We awarded employees of Randy’s Trucking for their roles in helping at a traffic incident.