Chapter Officers

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  • President
    Vicky Furnish
  • President Elect
    Robert Steele
  • Secretary
    Lisa Marriott-Smith
  • Treasurer
    Javier Gonzalez
  • Advisory Group Member
    Isabel Bravo
  • Membership and Programs
    Chris Vochoska
  • Awards and Honors
    Majic Safeeh
  • Newsletter Editor
    Dave Lee
  • Scholarship Chair
    David Mersereau
  • Government Affairs Chair
    Michael Geyer
  • CoPS Chair
    Jose Perez
  • Continuous Improvement Chair
    Joe Canas
  • Chapter Ops Mgmt. Tool and Advisory Group Member
    Michael Garcia
  • Professional Development Chair
    Heath Taylor
  • Public Relations Chair
    Susie Ayon
  • Long Range Planning Chair
    Steve Henslee
  • By-Laws Committee Chair and Webmaster
    Jon Hall
  • Construction Practice Specialty Chair
    Bob Mahan
  • Hispanic Safety Professionals Co-Chair
  • Hispanic Safety Professionals Co-Chair
  • Social Chair
    Tony Castiglione
  • Social Media
    Jason Kibbey
  • Historian
    Jack Iriart
  • Past President and Nomations Chair
    Sandra Monroy