EHS Award Nomination Form

Want to recognize someone for having a significant EHS impact in your organization or community? Use the On-Line submission below or download and submit the nomination form.


The intent of the Bakersfield Chapter EHS Award is to recognize people for some specific thing they have done to enhance, promote, or otherwise protect people, property or the environment.

Eligibility and Selection

  1. Any member of the ASSP Bakersfield chapter can nominate an individual(s).
  2. The nominee does not have to be a member of ASSP.
  3. The nominee may have other primary job duties beyond EHS.
  4. The Awards and Honors Committee will receive and forward the nomination to the Executive Committee.
  5. The Bakersfield ASSP Executive Committee will review the nominations monthly.
  6. Each nomination will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    1. How difficult was this to achieve?
    2. Was it time and labor intensive?
    3. What affect did their accomplishment have on the operations of their organization?
    4. Did the accomplishment have an effect outside their organization?
    5. What affect did this have on enhancing EHS performance in their organization?
    6. Did they take this project on their own, or was it assigned to them?
    7. What obstacles did they overcome in order to successfully complete this project?
    8. Was there any personal/professional risk involved?
    9. Is this something new to the organization?
    10. Did they work outside the established paradigms?
  7. All nominations will receive confirmation of receipt and notification following review.


  1. Successful nominations will be recognized at the Bakersfield Chapter monthly breakfast meeting. Nominee attendance is required. Supervisor attendance is strongly encouraged.
  2. The successful nominee and their supervisor will receive a complimentary breakfast at the monthly general meeting.

Online Submission